Superga 2750 Cotu Classics/Everyday Wear

I love these shoesIMG_20140716_113708329. I find  them to be comfortable and reasonably priced. I wear them almost everyday. They make me feel like centrally planned economies might have worked if the clothes had been made by Italians.

Grenson “Stanley” Long Wing Brogues/Investment Piece


These shoes were given to me for Christmas by my father. I would never be able to afford them myself, though because he is my father, I suppose I actually could, even if it rarely feels like that. They cost $400.00. They only make this shoe in different colors now though, and I don’t think any of them are as versatile. You can get a similar shoe in the same color from their premium line, but those shoes cost $740.00. It’s hard for me to imagine that the premium line is worth the extra $340.00. I think the only real difference is that the cheaper versions are assembled in foreign countries, while the top-shelf shoes are made entirely in Northampton, the traditional home of English shoe-making. Many shoes from Northampton, incidentally, cost two or three times as much as the premium Grensons. I’d imagine that the construction is marginally better on the more expensive shoes– that the stitching is a bit tighter and a bit more even, and that there are a few more layers of polish on the leather. I’d guess, though, that even a professional in the luxury shoe industry would have to inspect the shoes with some care to notice a qualitative difference.

When I flew home after Christmas three years ago I had these shoes on my feet and a $300.00 sweater, given to me by my mother, on my back. I had $200.00 in my bank account. I wanted more.

Archival Clothing Rucksack and Flap Musette/Workwear


I have a backpack and a flap musette from this company. A musette is either a bag used to pass meals to cyclists during races or, more generally, a “type of haversack also known as a butt bag.” I keep cigarettes, sunglasses, and a book in mine. I use the backpack when I need to take more things with me. It is supposed to be made to last forever but has started to fray at the corners, which I take to be evidence of my own ruggedness. I left the musette at a bar in Portland once. The bartenders laughed a bit too hard when I went back to get it and described it like this: “It’s gray. About so big. It’s basically a purse.”

Randolph Engineering Aviators/Military-Inspired


I lent these to my friend Kittler once. He looked better in them than me. I told him he should buy a pair. He said he felt uncomfortable wearing them because his father had been a fighter pilot.

Randolph Engineering used to have a contract to manufacturer eyewear for the military. Now they have a collaboration with Michael Bastian. Mine cost about $200.00. I paid more because I wanted polarized lenses. I need to get the temples adjusted.

Kamakura Shirts Blue OCBD/Americana


I read about these shirts on Put This On and wanted one, though I wasn’t able to make it to the Kamakura store in New York until recently. It is amazing. You should really go. There are rows of neatly folded shirts in bright colors and many sizes. There is little else.  Impeccably dressed young Japanese men wait with a tape measure, and a burning enthusiasm for Americana. It is like a neo-con’s wet dream– servile Asians with a deference to all things old and white. I also like luxury though, especially when it comes for $80.00 a shirt. Plus, I decided long ago that it was dishonest not to dress like the Ivy League parasite I am.

The shirts are cut very slim. Maybe even a little too slim. I always take mine off and change into a t-shirt when I get home.  I never want to go outside in anything else.

Nutcase Helmet/Safety


I only wear this when I’ve been drinking. I should probably wear it more.

An apple a day….


I think that as a fashion accessory capable of demonstrating my oral fixation the apple is second only to the cigarette. I do not think i can eat 30 apples a day.