Grenson “Stanley” Long Wing Brogues/Investment Piece


These shoes were given to me for Christmas by my father. I would never be able to afford them myself, though because he is my father, I suppose I actually could, even if it rarely feels like that. They cost $400.00. They only make this shoe in different colors now though, and I don’t think any of them are as versatile. You can get a similar shoe in the same color from their premium line, but those shoes cost $740.00. It’s hard for me to imagine that the premium line is worth the extra $340.00. I think the only real difference is that the cheaper versions are assembled in foreign countries, while the top-shelf shoes are made entirely in Northampton, the traditional home of English shoe-making. Many shoes from Northampton, incidentally, cost two or three times as much as the premium Grensons. I’d imagine that the construction is marginally better on the more expensive shoes– that the stitching is a bit tighter and a bit more even, and that there are a few more layers of polish on the leather. I’d guess, though, that even a professional in the luxury shoe industry would have to inspect the shoes with some care to notice a qualitative difference.

When I flew home after Christmas three years ago I had these shoes on my feet and a $300.00 sweater, given to me by my mother, on my back. I had $200.00 in my bank account. I wanted more.

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